Technology + Expertise We use a unique combination of consulting and technology to deliver a simplified compliance solution to our clients because we are built specifically for Startups, SMBs, and MSPs. Our unique readiness approach combining software and expert-driven assistance will ensure you're preparing in the most practical and quickest way possible.

Speed. Execution. Compliance.

Experts on Demand

No more guesswork! Our experts are always there to assist your organization in every step of the compliance journey.

User-Friendly Compliance Platform 

We don't overwhelm your organization with the details. Our experts analyze your business requirements against the required frameworks. From there - we will assign To-do items to specific stakeholders within your organization to ensure the company is compliant.

Simple To-Do Lists

You can stop worrying about specific compliance requirements. We have boiled your compliance tasks down to a simple Checklist of to-do items. Plus, each to-do is quality checked by our experts.

Kickoff & Pre-Assessment

During this phase of the project, Your Compliance Expert will outline the company’s current gaps as it relates to meeting the compliance criteria. This process will include meetings with the client around key process areas that relate to the specific compliance regulations.

Control Remediation 

Your Compliance Expert will utilize the Pre-Assessment Report to ensure all noted gaps are remediated prior to the audit. This deliverable will be tracked within the client’s portal.

On-going Monitoring

Your Compliance Expert will do a final review of the full control environment prior to the audit to ensure all controls are still operating and are prepared for the audit..
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SOC2 Compliance

Compliance with SOC 2 is essential for SaaS or cloud services companies because it sends a clear message to your customers that your organization has security policies and procedures in place that protect customer data.
SevaSecurity helps you achieve SOC 2 certification with our assessors, auditors, and technology team.